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    20 Oktober 2014
    Und was soll das heißen?
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  3. Pfau

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    24 Juni 2009
    Indoor wirkt das sehr blass. Wenn du raus gehst, dann ist alles ok.

    Das ist gemein, aber bittere Realität.
    teamevo gefällt das.
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    11 September 2017
  5. Tom33

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    Wurde mir am Freitag angezeigt, kann schon einer was dazu sagen?

    Changes made from version 6.30 to 7.00:
    • New Beta Feature: Galileo satellites. There is now support to use the Galileo network of satellites to assist in getting GPS fixes. With the correct GPS firmware, this option can be enabled by selecting GPS+Galileo in the GPS setting. Sync the device with Garmin Express to make sure that the new line of GPS firmware is provided to the device. Without this, the option will not be available.
    • Added cycling dynamics support for 3rd party power sensors.
    • Updated smart notification categories. In the phone settings, social and other smart notification categories can be enabled. This will make the Edge show notifications from other applications depending on how they are categorized by Garmin Connect Mobile. Apps like WhatsApp, GroupMe, and Twitter may show up under social and things like e-mail, calendar, and news may show up under other. These categories are off by default and must be enabled to be seen.
    • Fixed an issue causing cadence and power data dropouts.
    • Fixed the activity profile routing mode getting reset to Road Cycling mode.
    • Added prompt to indicate when a course has more course points than are supported by the device.
    • Improved Shimano STEPS response time.
    • Fixed lens mode VIRB setting.
    • Fixed issue with transmitting front and rear gear information to the Varia Vision.
    • Fixed sharp bend notifications on the Varia Vision.
    • Fixed crash when using Varia Vision with workouts.
    • Fixed issue with elevation back correction that could allow large dips in elevation.
    • Fixed issue where the GPS data field did not match the GPS indicated by the status bar.
    • Fixed issue where virtual partner features were disabled for third party GPX TRK courses.
    • Added the current software version to the power on page.
    • Fixed issues with device transfers.
    • Completing a segment will now turn on the backlight.
    • Added a minimum scale to the altimeter page so that small elevation ranges are reflected properly.
    • Fixed elevation zooming issue with large courses/activities/segments (>100mi or km).
    • Improved activity auto-start when the device is stationary.
    • Updated radar tone to be easier to hear.
    • Minor bug fixes and stability improvements.
    • Minor CIQ improvements.
    Klingt interessant, muss ich mit einen Powertap P1 testen.
  6. solution85

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    11 September 2017
    Also der Fehler mit den Aussetzern, bei Cadence und Powermeter tritt bei mir leider weiterhin auf. :(